All in one year

Guido, a  former commander of super tankers, is now a stiff manager ready for the big jump. Between his ambition and him there only is Angelo, shamelessly led to favour the Italian officers and to misrepresent Guido. But to give a hard time to the misogynist Angelo now there is Domizia, unaware of having sent her CV to the middle of a terrifying war for power.

So the girl happens to arrive into a distant heaven… well, a tax haven, the Isle of Man. Finally she finds a proper job at one of the most powerful oil Companies in the world and she has no other choice. She must hold her big mouth back and pretend to love oil and cargo ships for at least one year, the fateful 2001, the clockwork bomb year. The one with Bin Laden’s threats and the attack to the twin towers.

On the other hand, Guido’s professional life is inversely proportional to his private life. He is a married man, with almost twice Domizia’s age. He does not think of having anything to be forgiven. He requires only extreme obedience and self-sacrifice, even from the newcomer.

But the girl is pursuing her true goal and, in order to achieve it, she will have to keep a secret and escape as soon as possible from that tiny island across  the Irish Sea.

Both of them, however, have not come to terms with their contagious humour, the ancient island from the Celtic uses, its peaceful inhabitants and Life, which will have its fun trying to make the dreamy girl closer to the Captain, who is not that stiff after all, and which will give them a memorable year, full of tightrope rescues and Italian recipes, sexual scandals and parties, terrorist threats and proposals on knees, cooking lessons and motorbike races.


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Carmen Rucci

Half Apulian and half Sicilian: Italian writer, barrister, television critic for NHK World and, above all, the author of All In One Year, the contemporary and funny novel set on the magical Isle of Man.